Friday, 13 March 2015

The First Look: Some Areas of Interest for a Burnaby Home Inspection

For a first time homebuyer like you, a thorough home inspection in Burnaby is essential to determining the status of the property you are interested in. You wouldn’t want to be saddled with a house that costs more in repairs than its actual selling price, right? Hiring a good home inspector from companies like Firstclass Building Inspections can help you make your choice by carefully inspecting the important areas of the house. Exterior A house’s exterior is the first thing everyone notices. From the decks to the balconies, you can judge the house’s value in terms of appearance the moment you lay your eyes on it and so too can the inspector. He will look at the house’s framing, roof construction, grading of the land, and other parts of the exterior to make sure that the house meets safety standards.

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